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Στην Ελλάδα οι σφίγγες έγιναν θηλυκού γένους

 Male Sphinx without wings becomes male with BAG and wings and when Phrasikleia’s transform BAG to EGG then Greece at the beginning transform male sphinx to feathered female that no longer needs the bag and at finally that egg made the good work to female sphinx that no logger need even wings for …

The Great Sphinx of Giza

and then zeus bring europa in krete and the sphinx become female (as the gender of synagon and church in greek language)

Pair ‘winged genii,’ often with animal heads and four wings, as in the vision of Ezekiel   … Δένδρον της Ζωής Nimrud Assyria

The earliest (900 BC) known representation of feathered serpent in Center America

Phrasikleia Kore 550 BC Nat Arch Museum of Athens

Attica Sphinx 530 BC Metropolitan Museum of Art NY

Aigina Sfinx 470 BC Royal Cast Collection Copenhagen

… will continue but till then try to think the relation between gender and wings from the six pictures with the political systems of humaninty.